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SBS - 985DS-1 / DS-2

SBS - 985DS-1 / DS-2

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During the development of DS-2 we received various feedback, which made it clear that no riders brake in the same way or feel brake performance all the same. Therefore a completely new brake concept emerged: Dynamic Racing Concept combining the best of two worlds – the strong initial bite and linear in-stop performance from DS-1 and the smooth initial bite and progressive in-stop performance from DS-2.

In short, a fine tuning of braking performance for the individual rider’s brake preference.


Riders quotes testing the combination DS-1/DS-2:

« DS-1 added more initial bite compared to DS-2, to get the front more settled and easier to turn in the corner «

« DS-1 reduced the strong «servo effect of DS-2 » 

« DS-2 reduced the brutal initial bite of DS-1 slightly, and bike felt easier to control under hard braking »

« DS-2 increased slightly the brake power of DS-1 in the end of the braking, to be able to reduce the speed that little easier before tipping it into the corner «


Honda cbr-1000rr (2020 - 2023)

BMW M1000rr (2023 - 2024)
BMWS1000rr (2021 - 2024) (Nissin callipers)

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